Unabashedly Abstract

My domain is abstraction. A domain lack in the consistent flow of currency. As confusing as it should be. Now, give me your wallet.


Weed Eater Cracker Box (clamps included)

2.5 ft. x 3 ft., unframed, acrylic on concrete backer-board, $450

More detail below:



Baby Head Box Cutting Die – It really is. (below)



Baby Head Box Cutting Die – actually used in the card board box manufacturing industry, without the baby head, 20 x 30 inch, acrylic paint on ply, metal and foam strip with added foliage,  $450



Electric Blue Box Cutting Die Planter (foliage included) – another from the box cut die series, 18 x 24 inch, acrylic paint on ply, a very lucky piece, C-clamps included,  $250



Tool Money God – mandala on sky blue (seen above) – 3ft x 3.5ft, acrylic paint on euchaboard, unframed,  $400

Tool Money God – cultural abstraction / violence of languid (seen below) – 3ft x 3.5ft, acrylic paint on canvas, unframed,  $350




Teeth / Consumption  (a close up pic of a smaller piece)

10 x 10 inch, acrylic paint on concrete backer board, attached plaster, pre-denture cast,  $125



Symbol Box Cutting Die – 15 x 23 inch, acrylic paint on ply,  $200