No intro necessary for this section. Who doesn’t love a nice landscape from time to time, right?


Large, 3 x 4ft. approx., odd shaped, oblong, acrylic paint on eucaboard, $450

The next begin a series of three, similarly sized and framed landscapes, all three paintings are 3ft. x 1.5ft., acrylic paint on eucaboard (a surface I have come to love and use quite a lot), framed,  $300 for each piece, the first painting displayed is *SOLD*




Arkansas is a great state for landscape painting. It’s also a great place to get ridiculed for being different. A landscape being different does double duty. Makes it hard to ridicule. Can’t really kick its ass either.



The way we walk. 48″ x 30″. Black ink and acrylic paint on linen ticking mounted on eucaboard.  $400


Little Rock Skyline – Motif Two. Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed. 30″ x 40″.  $375   *SOLD*