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Update!Update!Update! (how to get one’s attention…)

Getting closer to the ANTIGALLERY art extravaganza. This will also be kicking off our ANTIGALLERY Arts Foundation in support of LGBTQ artists. It is an unbelievably exciting time in Little Rock right now, and it is time to see art, out of a traditional setting, being used as a tool for cultural change. Below are a few examples of what will be seen, and then the flyer again. Soon, teaser, I will be posting the artist list, and everyone will know……..



A Tale of 4 Sharons

It started off in black and white. Simple, pop art. A friend expressed great joy in its current state. Well, I left the black and white portrait alone and bought another canvas. Two elements added beyond black and white, and another friend expressed easily as much pleasure at its present state, as my friend who had preferred the simple black and white. So, I went and bought two more canvasses. I had a feeling that two would become four, whether I liked it or not. I liked it. Here are the four Sharons. Maybe she’ll get to see them. She will be performing at Sway the night after our ANTIGALLERY event! June 10th! Get your tix @:

As these are sneak peeks, the above representations are much longer and larger than they appear.

Sneak Peeks of ANTIGALLERY

We will be regularly posting our artist’s work until event time! You’ll have to come on down to Sway if you wanna see it all!!! Large sculptural and 3d, interactive installs must be seen in person! Our performance artists are live action statements, reflective of today’s culture! We’ll have to leave the lions at home or the City will classify us as a real live circus, requiring excessive fees and a rider on our insurance contract that none of us are willing to submit to. (Being insured by Somalian pirates has its costs…)


Set to rock the art world of Little Rock, Arkansas, ANTIGALLERY is unlike anything this city has ever seen. Here’s the flyer. I have created an ANTIGALLERY page here with more information and a contact form. Push the button and go!



No intro necessary for this section. Who doesn’t love a nice landscape from time to time, right?


Large, 3 x 4ft. approx., odd shaped, oblong, acrylic paint on eucaboard, $450

The next begin a series of three, similarly sized and framed landscapes, all three paintings are 3ft. x 1.5ft., acrylic paint on eucaboard (a surface I have come to love and use quite a lot), framed,  $300 for each piece, the first painting displayed is *SOLD*




Arkansas is a great state for landscape painting. It’s also a great place to get ridiculed for being different. A landscape being different does double duty. Makes it hard to ridicule. Can’t really kick its ass either.



The way we walk. 48″ x 30″. Black ink and acrylic paint on linen ticking mounted on eucaboard.  $400


Little Rock Skyline – Motif Two. Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed. 30″ x 40″.  $375   *SOLD*


Deviant Art Opening Success!

Our Dec. 2nd opening was fun, fantastic and well attended. Thank you to everyone involved in making a perfecter night perfectest. The art looked beautiful. Seeing drag performances in a gallery setting was a special and inspiring thing for all of us!

The following are a few pix from the show: