*We tip our hats to Nottingham, for the provision of inspiration.

“Fish of the same stream, the same water breathe…”

ANTIGALLERY is a multi-media, multi-disciplinary art event featuring the works of LGBTQ artists from Arkansas. Visual art, video, music, performance and fashion art, coordinated to invoke emotion, reaction and viewer engagement, challenging common gallery perceptions of a consumerist culture.

-Bringing art out of a traditional setting, giving viewers a new perspective.

-Placing an engaging new eye on the value of diversity in art.

-Embracing diversity as a key element in the production and presentation of art.

-Freaking everyone out in the name of art. Can’t be avoided.


Contact us below for more information. We are accepting inquiries from LGBTQ artists wishing to be included in the first event, prospective donors and sponsors, and anyone wanting to attend.